Your students will learn a variety of skills that have been entertaining American circus audiences for hundreds of years-and they’ll learn them from the pros! This program is designed for students of all ages and all levels of physical development with an emphasis on fun and safety.  Students are encouraged to add their own creative flair and use their imaginations as they learn real circus skills.

This is a one-day workshop taught by one coach.  Our circus coach will perform a 40 minute action-packed show to get the program started.  Following the performance, the coach will lead a series of workshops throughout the day, teaching circus skills that may include: scarf juggling, ball juggling, plate spinning, rhythm sticks, the diabolo and balancing.

Two coaches oversee this program, which begins with a fast-paced 40 minute show.  The two ring production may be a one-day workshop or a full week-long, in-house residency program. We will introduce the same circus skills as the one ring show, with the addition of stilt walking, clowning and basic circus pyramids and acrobatics.  The culminating circus performance (student performance)  is an option to conclude the residency program.

Three coaches will assist the students in the three ring extravaganza.  This program begins with a 30 to 50 minute thrill-packed show.  This program is designed to be a one to two week in-house residency program.  We will introduce the same circus skills as the two ring production with the addition of the single trapeze (static, non-swinging trapeze) or aerial fabric.  The culminating circus performance (student performance) is an option to conclude the residency.
The Three Ring Production will include an aerial coach.

Culminating Circus Performance
The “CCP” is a grand performance that allows the target group to show off their newfound skills.  Whether spinning plates, juggling three balls, or climbing to the top of a pyramid, the students will all work toward a specific goal, while learning to work together as a cohesive unit to create the best show possible.  Our job is to make sure these goals are achieved, while keeping the circus fun, safe and noncompetitive.  We want the students to be aware of the goals and also enjoy the journey along the way.

The culminating circus performance will be performed in a real circus setting.  We bring a 40-foot red-and-yellow backdrop, the circus back door, and the circus ring!

We have the experience, the equipment and exceptional coaches at Cirque du Jour. The only thing missing is you!  Contact us today to reserve your program with Cirque du Jour’s Extreme Interactive Hands-on Circus Skills School.